Trade Marketing Examples:

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The following examples demonstrate my thought process and approach to managing the planning and execution of an event, creating a trade marketing email campaign as well as the planning and production of brand videos.

Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay New Release Email Campaign Targeted to Trade


Click the PDF icon to view this "new release" trade focused email campaign. Or, click this link to view the email hosted on the Vertical Response email marketing platform.

Mt. Beautiful Winery produces five different varietals of wine annually in addition to a Rosé wine blend. On occasion the winery also does a "barrel select" bottling of our Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc varietals. When we release a new vintage of wine in a market (i.e. UK, US, New Zealand or Asia) we communicate with our trade partners in a variety of ways. In the US market typically our Sales Managers communicate with their Brand Managers in each market (or state) to let them know we've moved into a new vintage. Accompanying these communications are wine tasting notes, sell sheets (with accolades the wines have received) in addition to shelf talkers and updated sales presentations.

To bolster their efforts and reach a greater audience I will prepare an email communication targeted to our media and trade audience of distributor reps, brokers, wine retailers and restaurateurs. You can view an example of one B2B campaign by clicking the PDF icon above or clicking here to view the hosted link to the email.

As Marketing Manager for the brand my responsibilities start far in advance to a new vintage entering the marketplace. Typically at the time of bottling I request winemaker notes from our Winemaker and then prepare formatted on-brand tasting notes. Additionally I reach out to wine media first in New Zealand (since the wine starts there) and submit samples for them to review. When the wine makes it here in the US, I do the same with prominent US wine media. When accolades start rolling in I coordinate the production of sell sheets which I distribute to our sales team and post to our Trade web page and other locations where trade engage our brand and can access these materials. Additional promotional activities take place such as social media sharing of accolades as well as the updating of other marketing materials.

All our beauty shots (i.e. stylized photographs) are ones I have personally taken since I joined the team in April 2016. Prior to this the company had none. I use these images as content for our marketing efforts across digital and print.


Mt. Beautiful Brand Video Process

Click here to view more Mt. Beautiful videos.

Produce short and long brand overview videos as well as 3-4 topical videos on Mt. Beautiful's winemaking, viticulture, tasting room / cafe and farms.

Everything with the exception of the onsite directing and auditing during the shoot was performed with me in the US which I regard as a testament to my mastery of written communication.


My Approach:

  • identified a style of video that matches the brand's voice

  • hired a videographer whose style and skill set were aligned with our needs

  • developed a list of discussion topics and interview questions

  • developed a shoot list of desired scenes

  • identified key staff members with speaking parts; apprised them of their roles and prepped them

  • coordinated shoot logistics with New Zealand based teammates

  • attended the shoot; helped organize, direct and audit content

  • reviewed and revised several versions before arriving to the final cuts

  • shared final videos with the internal team, posted them to the Mt. Beautiful Vimeo and Youtube channels, uploaded to the winery's Facebook page and uploaded to the Trade pages of the winery's websites

Event Planning Example    

Mt. Beautiful's 10th Anniversary Celebration

San Francisco, California 

Together with our CEO I developed the focus of Mt. Beautiful's 10th anniversary celebration in San Francisco. The objective was to create a festive and celebratory event where we could capture the attention of distributor sales reps, key accounts, vendors and media to join us in an unprecedented opportunity to taste every varietal and vintage Mt. Beautiful has produced from Day 1.

I designed and led all efforts in creating and executing the event including:

  • locating a venue within budget and negotiating terms with the Organizer

  • developing all event collateral (sales / marketing materials and commemorative promo items)

  • assigning roles and delegating tasks to my teammates

  • communicating the event agenda to teammates

  • selecting an event invitation and ticketing platform
  • culling contact lists and calendaring event invitation communications
  • creating and deploying pre and post event communications to attendees
  • communicating our needs with the venue's Organizer and supporting staff

  • arranging necessary AV equipment

  • serving as the event photographer

  • decorating the venue on the day of with signage, flowers, etc

  • coordinating the transportation of all event materials

It was so well organized that we had no surprises and the team was able to enjoy a seamless event experience and really engage with our guests which resulted in new placements of Mt. Beautiful wine on restaurant lists and our largest sales hit at a selection of Costcos.